Bian Yuan (2020)   

Furniture Design
49.4” x 24” x 14”

A low table that welcomes gathering, designed for small living space.

邊 Bian = edge  

The edges of this low table is the most important design element of this piece as it is designed to accomodate both work & gathering.

圓 Yuan = round

Here I am taking a different character that sounds the same as “ around” but this character also symbolize gathering and perfection in Chinese.  

ideation +

I started this project by making collages out of colored paper and these really helped me developed an atmosphere and mood that I
want to achieve through out the project which is calm and peaceful.

Paper construction, scoring the edges to create different effects

render planning📸

learning from how some furniture brands construct their photoshoot and sketched out how

I would like to do mine based on the things I learned and liked.

prototype 🪚


Wood - CNC. Oil base seal.
Metal - Solder. Chrome finish

Special thanks to Kenyon Yeh + Nick Tsai for the production. 🤍

︎ have a great day ︎

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