Drinkool (2018)

Consumer Electronics.

A system of cups and coaster that helps Korean office workers minimize alcohol intake to achieve better mental and physical health.

Design Brief

Save Joongang Mobility (Fictional company based in South Korea) to raise revenue after their market failure.

Drinking after work is a custom for Korean office workers, however the high alcohol consumption also poses as an alarming public health issue.


of Korean regularly rely on hangover remedies.


gross in anti-hangover industry.


fund towards Korea’s public health in 2018

Is there a healthier way to preserve the drinking custom?

Drinkool is a 4-part system 

screen + coaster + soju cup + beer cup

Drinkool is proposed to be a
government sponsored project,

the sponsored restaurant would have the drinkool stickers on their front door
to welcome customers with drinking events.

User would need to purchase the screen and bring it along to the restaurant. to activate drinkool, simply place the screen on top of the coaster.

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