Mesh Table 

Furniture Design

A temporary table. 

Temporary, obtrusive, industrial and assistive

The Mesh Table was inspired by deteriorated objects found in the urban landscape I have captured. These objects shows human traces and nature’s damges. They are emotional, produced to last yet still temporary.  

Mesh table is not designed to last, it is designed to be an emergency table.

I believe human are fragile thus we need industrial to support our fragility.

My design DNA is a merge of industrial and organic which is quite contradictory, but what I seek for from these two is a conversation between firm and fragility.

Temporariness is a theme I came up with for this project, 

whether it is how temporary human are in this industrial world, or how temporary these industrial objects are to us human, I see this as a very intriguing discussion.

See where I’m at with this project :
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